Mapple Care Acne Pimple Gel – This specially formulated gel cleanses the skin from the depth of the pores. It contains the useful extract which reduces acne, rashes, whiteheads from the skin. German Homeopathic Medicine Berberis aquifolium Q and calendula Q, heals the prevents the problem of acne and pimples. Tea Tree has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.

Mapple Care De-Pigmentation Cream – Mapple Care De-Pigmentation Cream is a night treatment for dry to very dry skin which corrects and prevents localized or widespread brown spots and evens out the skin’s complexion. It is an effective cream to lighten the pigmentation.


Mapple Care De-Wrinkle Cream – Mapple Care De-Wrinkle Cream is all in one solution that fights ageing problems such as wrinkles. This formula is the new revolutionary solution that comprises of all in one anti ageing treatment.