Facial Bleaches 

Mapple’s Gold Facial Bleach – A Unique Bleach Cream that blends facial hair, cleanses pores, removes impurities and fades facial blemishes from deep within making you shine with a never-before golden glow. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving skin a new energy level by nourishing it.


Mapple’s Fruit Facial Bleach – Mapple’s Fruit Bleach is a unique multi-action preparation. It evenly blends the facial hair with your complexion, while the fruit extracts give your skin a natural glow. The extra active oxygen along with the fruit and herbal extracts penetrates into the skin to provide rich actives in the deep layers of the skin.


Mapple’s Oxygen Facial Bleach – Mapple’s Oxygen Bleach is an oxygenated skin bleach which helps the skin to breathe more, as it provides extra active oxygen to penetrate into your skin and nourishes it with water and lipids deep within. After bleaching dead skin and exposed patchy areas, it gives hydrating, glowing and smooth texture to the skin.