Massage Gel 


Lemon Massage Gel – Mapple Care Lemon Massage Gel enriched with natural fruit extracts of Lemon, make this gel the ideal age reversal formula. It penetrates deep delivering nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants to the innermost layers of the skin while hydrating it and maintaining its softness.

 Khus Massage Gel – Mapple Care Khus Massage Gel is non greasy gel which helps skin for complexion enhancement and its natural defense mechanism keeps it protected from harmful UV rays. Especially suitable for oily or acne prone skins, the complexion enhancing herbs due to their anti-inflammatory , detoxifying properties combined with the ability to stimulate micro-circulation help restore the biological functions of the skin to promote lightening the skin discolorations and fade the dark patches and spots thus leaving the skin visibly much fairer and silky smooth.


Saffron Massage Gel – Mapple Care Saffron Massage Gel will give you what you want, a fairer skin with moisture and even skin tone. It removes pigmentation and prevents recurrence. It provides instant skin brightening and radiance. The gel based massage will tone your skin’s texture and expose skin to natural glow as it is made up of natural ingredients.