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Monkey Fruit Description and uses



Monkey Fruit Description and uses

Artocarpus lacucha, also known as monkey fruit, or Monkey Jack fruit is a tropical evergreen tree species of the Moraceae family. The plant is distributed throughout the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia and is available in some Asian countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.  The tree is valued for its wood; its fruit is edible and is believed to have medicinal value. Some of the popular common names of the plants are Monkey jack, Monkey jack tree, Monkey fruit and Monkey jack fruit. The generic name comes from the Greek words ‘artos’ which means bread and ‘karpos’ means fruit while the species name is derived from the fruit’s common name in India. Fruits are highly nutritious and are an important food item in the human diet. This fruits consists of vitamins and most of the vitamins excellent source of antioxidant which are vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Plant description

The plant is medium to large deciduous tree that grows about 10-15 m tall. The plant is found growing in lowland hill forests, open country, and sometimes villages, up to 300 m altitude. It occurs locally along Mandai Road, in Nee Soon Swamp Forest, and Pulau Ubin. It prefers a deep, well-drained soil and grows well in deep permeable soils with a good supply of moisture. The bark is grey and the slash is deep red with milky latex. Branchlets are 3-6 mm thick, densely covered with stiff pale brown to yellow velvety hairs. This tree is mentioned in the Arthashastra.


Leaves are large, alternate 25-30 cm long, 15-20 cm wide, sometimes pinnately lobed, base wedge-shaped, and tip blunt. Leaf margin is entire or with small teeth.

Flower & Fruit

Flowers are unisexual, male and female flowers in separate spherical heads but on the same tree. Male flowers are yellow-orange while the female are reddish. Flowers are followed by syncarp (the entire female inflorescence forms a fruit). They are nearly round or irregular, 2 to 5 inches wide. Fruits are green to a dull yellow, and finally settle on a pinkish brownish yellow tinge when fully ripe with sweet sour pulp which is occasionally eaten raw but mostly made into curries or chutney. The size differs but the diameter is typically 5-10 cm while fruit weights 200-350 g. The number of seeds/fruit varies accordingly, but typically there are 10-30 per fruit. Seeds are irregular and vary in size like the fruits. At maturity, most seeds are about one cm long, more or less flattened and pointed at the embryo end; the seed-coat is thin and white. Seeds contain sticky white latex.

The male flower spike is pickled. The fruit’s texture is like a jackfruit’s with its stringy, fibrous, mildly rubbery consistency. The lakucha fruit is highly nutritious with antioxidant properties of beta-carotene and vitamin C. This particular antioxidant helps in the maintenance of the normal human health, prevents heart diseases that are coronary in nature, and provides a tough fight against cancer as well.

This fruit has ultimately grabbed the attention of various scientists and Ayurvedic physicians who are looking out for various ways in which this magical fruit can be used. According to study, it has been seen that the proper consumption of the Monkey fruit results in the prevention of diseases like cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative ailments and coronary heart diseases. It also possesses anti-inflammation, antibacterial, antioxidant and cytotoxic properties which are vehemently used as potential therapeutic attributes. It is an important ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines.

The lakucha or the monkey jack fruit has a unique flavor which is not easily found in any other fruit. The taste is a mixture of sweet, tangy and sour. It is used to cure skin problems as well as it is a huge source of minerals, vitamins, polyphenols, and fibers, which provide a number of health benefits when consumed in the proper quantity.

Benefits of Consuming Monkey Fruit

The vivid consumption of the lakucha fruit acts refreshment for the liver and the seeds and latex of the fruit are used as a purgative. Bark and seed of the lakucha plant are also used for various liver and stomach diseases. It is used in the context of anti-inflammatory therapy and works really well as an anti-aging skin agent with an additional skin whitening effect.

The lakucha fruit also manages to decrease the problems of hair loss and helps in the regrowth of hair from the hair follicles and also make hair shafts stronger. It is a blessing in the treatment of skin diseases where it effectively eradicates the darkening of the skin and brings a natural glow to the skin. Lakucha also obviously treats dysentery, arthritic swelling and cleans wounds.

Having so many medicinal properties, lakucha or the monkey jack fruit proves to a fruit with high end nutritional as well as medicinal use. It should be consumed in proper quantities aiming to result in some successful treatment of diseases.

Traditional uses and benefits of consuming Monkey fruit

  • Extract of the fruit reduces hair loss and stimulates the propagation of hair, skin diseases, herpes can make it fade away the darkening of the skin.
  • It may also treat arthritic swelling, dysentery and clean wounds.
  • Fruit pulp act as refresher of liver as well as seeds and milky latex can used as purgative.
  • Tree bark consists of 8.5 percent tannin and is used to treat skin lesion.
  • Powder formed bark is applied to cure any wound and also used to draw out purulent matter from any abscess.
  • Seed and bark of the plant are useful for stomach and liver disease.
  • Ripe fruit is sour sweet, tonic to liver.
  • Seed are good purgative for children.
  • Juice and seeds from this plant are used as purgative and the bark is used as astringent.
  • Root is used as refresher and the leave are used in treating dropsy.
  • Powered form heartwood extract has been using as an effective and economical skin-whitening agent.
  • lakoocha plant is used in traditional Thai medicine for anti-inflammatory therapy and as well as an anti-skin aging agent.
  • lakoocha extract was effective for the treatment of taeniasis.
  • lakoocha is widely used as medicinal plant for the treatment of some specific diseases in India.
  • Dried aqueous extract of A. lakoocha has been used for treatment of tape worms.
  • Root of A. lakoocha is an astringent and is used as a purgative.
  • Saturated extract is used as a poultice for skin ailments and bark is used to treat headache.
  • Fruit can be used as food supplement to combat malnutrition and reduces the risk of several diseases.
  • Sap and juice of the bark is applied externally to boils, pimples, cuts and wounds.
  • Macerated bark is used as a poultice for treating skin ailments. The bark is used to treat headache.
  • Fruits are generally sweet sour pulp eaten fresh but mostly made into curries.
  • Unripe fruit and male flower spike of A. lakoocha are used to prepare curries, pickles and sauce.
  • Different parts of this tree like fruits and male flowers are eaten raw, boiled, steamed or roasted.
  • Broad, flat seeds are edible.
  • Bark contains tannin and is chewed as a substitute for betel nut.
  • Different uses of Monkey Fruit
  • Food: The fruits and male flowers are eaten raw, boiled, steamed or roasted.
  • Fodder: In Nepal it is highly valued as a fodder tree in the lower foothills of the Himalayas. The leaves contain about 16% crude protein and one tree produces between 60 and 200 kg fresh fodder in a year. It is fed to lactating animals and considered one of the most important milk producing forages.
  • Fuel: Trees are an important source of firewood.
  • Timber: Wood is hard and termite resistant with a weight of about 640 kg/m3. It is used in heavy construction, poles, beams, furniture boats, wood based materials and plywood.
  • Latex or rubber: Sticky latex is present in all parts of the tree and has many uses.
  • Tannin or dyestuff: Tree bark (containing 8-9% tannin) is chewed like betel nut. The wood and roots yield a lavish color dye.
  • Lipids: The fat extracted from the seed is a light yellow liquid, viscous at room temperature.
  • Medicine: Root is an astringent and is used as a purgative; when macerated it was used as a poultice for skin ailments. The bark is used to treat headache.
  • Shade or shelter: A perennial tree crop that provides beneficial shade and cooler microclimate for humans, plants and animals beneath its canopy.
  • Soil improver: The tree can be used to provide mulch.
  • Ornamental: Occasionally grown as an ornamental plant.
  • Intercropping: It is an important component of traditional agroforestry systems. The trees are integrated into mixed cropping systems with other crop
  • Other Facts
  • Tree is also used as food and timber.
  • Timber and wood from this tree used to made furniture, boats and cabinets.
  • It also used for heavy construction, poles, furniture and plywood for its hard and termite resistant capacities.
  • One mature tree produces 60-200 kg fresh feedstuff in a year.
  • Tree can be used for protection and occasionally it grown as an ornamental bonsai plant.
  • Skin of the fruit when cut exudes white latex with similar texture of a jackfruit.
  • Fiber obtained from the inner bark is used for cordage.
  • Yellow coloring matter is obtained from the wood and roots. It is used for dyeing textiles.
  • Wood is an important local source of fuel.

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Je Niece Mccullough: Everything you need to know




Je Niece Mccullough: Everything you need to know

Je Niece McCullough , the late comedian Bernie Mac’s daughter. She came to limelight after her participation on an edition of the Can We Talk podcast to talk about parental wounds and trauma. She said that she was frequently subjected to her father’s harsh parenting style as a youngster, but that she eventually recovered and made apologies with him.

Je Niece McCullough on Twitter

Je Niece McCullough joined twitter in 2011 and she has been followed by only over 2k people. She has linked a website on her account which is not working. She introduces herself as “daughter of the late Bernie Mac. Mom. Lover of humanity and chocolate. Writer, wandering spirit, and human being, not doing”. She can be reached at @BerniesDaughter on twitter.

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She finished her schooling from Morgan Park High School in 1995. Then she did her B.S. Psychology from Xavier University of Louisiana between 1995 to 2000. She also finished her Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Xavier University of Louisiana in 2002.


After finishing her masters Je Niece McCullough joined The South Suburban Council where she provided a wide range of client services to eligible TANF participants to assist in developing, achieving and maintaining vocational goals.

Working for almost 7 months she joined as a personal assistant at MacMan Enterprises, Inc where she provided a high level of in-office and on-the-road administrative and operational support to world-famous comedian/actor Bernie Mac. Then Je Niece McCullough became Vice-President at Bernie Mac Foundation for Sarcoidosis.

Since 2011 she is a Professional Speaker as Bernie’s Daughter and provides keynote addresses at graduation, conferences, forums and other events/venues across the country to promote Sarcoidosis awareness, women’s wellness, self-empowerment and youth mentoring. Network with industry professionals and foster a reputation as an enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable speaker.

If you are interested to know more please scroll till the end

The show had him play an imaginary side of himself in which he becomes the guardian of his sister’s three children after she is hospitalized for rehab. She spoke about how difficult life was without Bernie and revealed that she grew up with him. She revealed that she was often subjected to her father’s abusive parenting style as a child, but eventually recovered and made peace with him. Eventually it was established for his father, who was an adult and his own woman.

His father was frankly disappointed, causing Janice to quietly drift away from him. She decided to write a 7-page letter to her father explaining how the many situations between them made her feel like a daughter, in the hope that this alternative method of communication would solve their problems and create a solution.

They married in September 1977, and a year later, in 1978, they had a daughter. She was born in Chicago, Illinois to her father and mother’s only daughter. She was included in the list of those famous people born on January 21, 1978.

He worked at the Bernie Mac Foundation with his mother, Rhonda, and wrote “Daughter’s Last Letter” about his father, which appeared in Ebony magazine. She reflects on her upbringing and personal growth as a woman, as well as her development due to having a famous and comedic father: the late Bernie Mac. Janice learns her personal qualities in building a relationship with her father, how to set boundaries, satisfaction needs, recognizing intergenerational differences and the impact of trauma, and learning the great lessons that can be learned from future moments, even after it has passed.

In July 2021, Janice shared memories of her late father who saved her life during her traumatic and difficult birth. Hearing that he was by her side and that she knew she needed help, Janice sobbed into her father’s arms.

Mac didn’t really like to go out, but Rhonda said she likes to invite people over. JeNiece recalled a time when she had a boyfriend and Bernie wouldn’t let the boy stay at home. However, Jennis said that her father, Mac, noticed this, proving his mistake. As Bernice’s condition worsened, Rhonda sensed that something terrible was about to happen and begged her then-husband not to die.

They’ve been through a lot together and Ronda has always supported her husband as she built her career. At the time of Mack’s death in August 2008, the couple had been married for 31 years.

After his death in 2008, Mac, who won a Peabody Award for his sitcom, was survived by wife Rhonda McCullough, their daughter Jannis, son-in-law Tre, and granddaughter Jasmine. Mac Burney died on August 9, 2008 due to complications from pneumonia.

He also had sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease of unknown origin that causes tissue inflammation. Sarcoidosis frequently affected his lungs, causing him to spend most of his time in the hospital.

In the mid-1990s, while Janice was growing up, Mac and Rhonda adopted Toya, Mac’s granddaughter, as well as her daughter. During this time, she found out she was pregnant and then decided that although Bernie is not the father she wanted, he would become a grandfather.

She told TMZ that he was a perfect fit for the role of young Bernie Mack, who reminded her of her father. Mark Phillips, known for his work on YouTube, is a major contributor to the RDCworld1 YouTube channel. Phillips is best known for his online presence on the RDC World YouTube channel.

In 2008, he co-starred with Samuel L. Jackson in the musical comedy Soul People. Mack, who passed away in 2008, was the epicenter of the black cabaret. Je Niece recalls that Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, or Bernie Mac, became a husband and father at 19.

Bernie and his beautiful wife were blessed with a beautiful daughter named Janice Childress on January 21, 1978. Bernie has been living with his wife, Rhonda McCullough, and his beautiful daughter, Janice Childress, for over 30 years. However, despite Bernis’ continued popularity, few people know his wife, Rhonda McCullough.

Like most celebrities, Je Niece McCullough tries to keep her personal and love life under wraps, so check back often as we will continue to update this page with new relationship news and rumors. According to our data, Janice McCullough is most likely single and has not been previously engaged. While it’s relatively easy to find out who Janice McCullough is dating, it’s harder to keep track of all her adventures, meetings, and breakups.

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Je Niece Mccullough Networth

Je Niece McCullough estimates Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Dating, Relationship Records, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyle and many more details which have been updated below. Janice McCullough is one of the famous people in our database at the age of 41. Go to the next page to see Je Niece McCullough net worth, popularity trends, new videos and more.

Janice McCullough’s net worth or net income is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. He made such a fortune through his main career as a family member. Even though she is married to a famous celebrity, little is known about her family and childhood.

While the movie doesn’t have an expected release date yet, the comedy legend’s daughter has a few casting ideas. As JeNiece told TMZ, she was asked several times who she wants to play her father in the film, and for a while she thought of two. Mac’s daughter, Janice McCullough, told TMZ… since her father passed away, she’s been asked many times who would be the best fit to play him in the film, and there are two names she’s long since come up with.

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As for the young Bernie Mac, Janice thinks YouTube star Mark Phillips would make a great candidate because he’s funny and her daughter often told her how well she remembers Bernie. If producers want to present the Mac as young, JeNiece has a custom option and has become a YouTube sensation. McCullough said that the actor would be a great choice for the role of adult Mac because he has the acting skills and complexion of his fathers.

But Je Niece McCullough adds that she loves Phillips, too, and that he would be a great choice too. She said the YouTube energy reminds her of her father, and Twitter users agree.

Details on the project are sparse, but McCullough said his mother runs the Poppy estate and would agree with the two actors. No biopic would be complete without a childhood star’s story, and McCullough also had a potential actor he thought would be a perfect fit for the role of his young father. McCullough told the publication she was often asked who should play her father, so she has come up with several names, including Aldis Hodge and YouTube star Mark Phillips. News of the feature first broke during a panel at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival, hosted by Mike Jackson and John Legend of Higher Ground Productions.

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Sonia Barragan Perez: Biography Networth, and Family




Sonia Barragan Perez: Biography Networth, and Family

Sonia Barragan Perez was mother of three children and wife of Mexican Drug Lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes. Sonia Barragan Perez rarely saw her husband because he rarely stayed in the same spot again. Apparently she was with her husband during his death on July 4, 1997.

Net Worth of Sonia Barragan Perez

Husband of Sonia Barragan Perez died during a surgery to change his appearance leaving behind $ 25 billion. Sonia was with him, and he was allegedly named Juan Antonio Arriaga Wrangel in the year of his death. Sonia Barragan Perez arranged a lavish and large funeral for her husband.

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Childrens of Sonia Barragan Perez

As far as the publicly available data, the names of her two sons are Rodolfo Carrillo Fuentes and Vicente Carrillo Leyva. Sonia Barragan Perez and her husband specifically told her sons not to get involved in the drug business, and also sent them to one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, Switzerland and Mexico. But it seems that her sons did not take their advice seriously.

Vicente Carrillo Leyva was arrested by Mexican authorities on April 2, 2009, but was later cleared of money laundering allegations, while charges of illegal firearms ownership delayed him from being released. He was released on 17 December 2010 to the custody of Mexican federal police with additional allegations of money laundering after being found guilty of illegal possession of guns and paying a US$16,000 fine.

It is known that her two sons operated together in the Juárez Cartel after the death of their father Amado Carrilio Fuentes.

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Husband of Sonia Barragan Perez

Sonia Barragan Perez had three children with Amado Carrilio Fuentes. According to some media reports her husband Amado Carrillo Fuentes was a Mexican drug lord who took over the Juárez Cartel when his boss Rafael Aguilar Guajardo was assassinated. Because of the enormous fleet of planes he used to carry drugs, Amado Carrillo became known as The Lord of the Skies. He was also notorious for using Colombia to launder money in order to fund this fleet.

Carrillo worked with Pablo Escobar and Cali Cartel, who smuggled drugs from Colombia to Mexico and the United States.

Similarly, he also worked with former drug lord El Chapo and Mexican drug cartel Beltran Leyva. However, he cooperated with many other drug mafia, including the Arellano Felix family, El Chapo and Beltran Leiva.

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Amado Carrilio Fuentes

Amado Carrillo Fuentes earned all of his assets through money laundering, arms and drug trafficking. Amado Carrillo Fuentes was a prominent Mexican drug dealer whose fortune was estimated at $ 25 billion at the time of his death. He was the grandson of the former leader of the Mexican drug cartel of Guadalajara, Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo.

He was also the brother of a drug lord named Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo. He was born to his parents, Aurora Fuentes and Walter Vicente Carrillo Vega.

While Ernesto “Don Neto” Fonseca Carrillo was still in charge of the Guadalajara cartel, he sent his nephew Amado Fuentes to oversee the Chihuahua cocaine trade. During this time, Fuentes gained extensive experience with veteran drug dealers such as Rafael Aguilar Guajardo and Pablo Escober. Fuentes also introduced his brothers and son to the cartel. Carrillo Fuentes owned a house three blocks from the governor’s official residence and regularly organized drug fiestas in the Tetekala municipality.

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11 Free cPanel web hosting 2022/2023 (100% Free)




11 Free cPanel web hosting 2022/2023 (100% Free)

Looking for a free web hosting service that includes cPanel? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 11 of the best free cPanel hosts. cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels out there. It’s known for being user-friendly and packed with features.

Many web hosting providers offer cPanel as an optional add-on, but it’s often available for free with certain hosting plans. If you’re looking for a free web hosting service that includes cPanel, here are 11 of the best options:

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Control your website using free Cpanel control panel and special free web hosting admin tools. We offer you a unique feature that no one else can give you for free – free web hosting account with Cpanel control panel.

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6. Awardspace (1GB)

Awardspace is well-known because of their amazing free web hosting. They have been providing great hosting services for more than a decade.

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7. (5GB)

Free Features Includes

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8. (Unlimited)

  • Domains and email: Up to two add-on domains and one subdomain, as well as three email accounts
  • Other perks: SSD-powered cloud servers, website builder, 300+ one-click installation scripts, PHP, and MySQL


Atspace is nearly identical to Awardspace. What’s the difference? Atspace provides unlimited bandwidth, as opposed to Awardspace’s fiveGB and claims 24/7/365 support.

Free Features Includes

  • WordPress Installation
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10. (3 Types)

Another best choice as Free hosting provider, you will get : CloudLinux, cPanel, SSD Storage, Softaculous, Monthly Backup, Webmail, Multi PHP Versions, Free SSL etc.

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11. (Unlimited)

Freehostia offers cloud hosting for its Chocolate plan. It should therefore be quicker than other options. The Chocolate plan has a very limited disk space of 250MB and a 10MB database storage. You shouldn’t expect to host a lot of media on your site anytime soon.

We offer the platform where you can surf through articles and blogs to enrich yourself with a wide range of information on technology and trends in and around you. We aim to virtue all our visitors with those skills and assist them in understanding facts and figures about different aspects.

Themeforest Free Themes

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