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Southeast Asian open finance startup Brankas gets $20M Series B led b2b indonesia series jeff 20m series by Insignia Ventures



Southeast Asian open finance startup Brankas gets $20M Series B led b2b indonesia series jeff 20m series by Insignia Ventures

Brankas, an open banking startup for Southeast Asian markets, is entering the new year with a $20 million Series B. The funding was led by Insignia Ventures Partners, with participation from returning investors Beenext and Integra Partners. Other backers included Visa (Brankas was a member of its 2021 Accelerator Program), AFG Partners and Treasury International, the venture capital firm led by fintech veterans including Jeff Cruttenden, co-founder of Acorns and Eli Broverman, co-founder of Betterment, also invested.

Brankas’ platform offers a roster of more than 10 “banking-as-a-service” b2b indonesia series jeff 20m series embedded APIs, including ones for opening online bank accounts, credit scoring, identity verification, e-commerce transactions and gig economy payments. Founded in 2016, Brankas goal is to “democratize access to financial and identity data.” Clients include traditional financial institutions, banks and fintech startups.

Brankas says it is seeing 30% month-on-month growth in API usage and is now used by more than 40 banks and 100 enterprise customers and channel partners. Since many of its fintech clients focus on “unbanked” people, or people who don’t have traditional bank accounts or credit cards, Brankas’ partners include financial providers like remittance companies and e-wallet.

For more about Brankas’ start, see TechCrunch’s 2019 profile of the company, the same year it raised its Series A.

Brankas wants to bring Southeast Asia’s banks and e-commerce into the digital era

Since then, Brankas chief of staff Bala Subramanian told TechCrunch that it’s been “aggressively building new products during the pandemic, which have seen great uptake in our current operating markets of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.”

For example, these included four new payments products—Direct, for account-to-account bank transfers; Disburse for remittances directly from accounts; Pay, a no-code solution for micro-businesses to collect payments; and for enterprise customers, IPG, a platform created for large financial institutions to collect payments on behalf of merchants).

In terms of data, Brankas developed four new APIS—Statement, for retail and corporate transaction retrievals; Balance, to let people view their current and average account balances; Income, which uses machine learning to identify individual income or salary; and Telco, to allow clients access to users’ telecom data.

Since its Series A in 2019, Subramanian said Brankas has witnesses more regulator support for open finance, because they see it as an enabler to financial inclusion and greater customer choice. Its also seen more “banking-as-a-service” products, or bank products like savings accounts, cards and loans offered as “embedded finance” on third-party apps, including e-commerce, SME account management and HR and payroll software. As a result of increasing adoption, he said that “large multinational financial service providers like Visa are embracing open finance, even if it may threaten their legacy business in the short term.”

Open finance has also been adopted by the mainstream cryptocurrency community, he added, thanks to increasing demand for “tradefi” products to complement crypto earnings.”

Brankas new funding will be used to build new APIs and double its current team of 100. It also plans to add more capabilities to its payments, data and banking-as-a-service API product menu in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. Tt will also announce partnerships with digital banks and fintech companies in Vietnam and Bangladesh, two new markets where Brankas will go live early this year.

Brankas also plans to [[deepen the capabilities of its payments, data and banking-as-a-service API product menu in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. Will also announce partnerships with digital banks and fintech leaders in Vietnam soon and Bangladesh, going live early this year].

Other open finance API startups in Southeast Asia include Finantier and Finverse. Subramanian said Brankas’ differentiators include its regional coverage and being the only company to offer regulated payments APIs enabling direct bank transfers and remittances without a middleman, as well as cryptocurrency payment and wallet linking APIs. He also said that through Visa, Brankas enables open finance for all Visa partner banks in the region and is currently developing new solutions for payments, identity and data analytics.

Singapore-based open finance startup Finantier gets backing from Y Combinator

In a statement about its investment in Brankas, Insignia Ventures Partners principal Samir Chaibi, said, “We have also been impressed by Brankas’s approach to market development and their ability to launch and scale their products in a regulatory compliant manner while ensuring that developers benefit from a reliable and stable source of banking and financial data and beyond.”

Open banking startup Finverse wants to build the Asia-Pacific region’s Plaid

Brankas, an open banking startup for Southeast Asian markets, is entering the new year with a $20 million Series B. The funding was led by Insignia Ventures Partners, with participation from returning investors Beenext and Integra Partners. Other backers included Visa (Brankas was a member of its 2021 Accelerator Program), AFG Partners and Treasury International,Read MoreFundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Asia, brankas, Fintech, Open Banking, open finance, Southeast AsiaTechCrunch

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5 Factors to Inspect While Selecting a Product Development Partner




5 Factors to Inspect While Selecting a Product Development Partner

Organizations of different sizes across different business verticals need to design, develop, test, and market to create and popularize a product. The steady changes in the market patterns drive the organizations to the brink to stay deft and receptive to foster inventive products to fulfill the customer’s necessities and prerequisites. Worldwide organizations with capital and resources can take up the start to finish development all alone. In any case, regarding startups and SMEs, particularly with restricted capital and in-house talent, outsourcing development services turns into an ideal choice.

The most difficult aspect of outsourcing is tracking down the ideal product development organization that meets an organization’s necessities. Organizations can either outsource certain pieces from the development interaction, as just equipment or programming development, design, production, marketing, circulation, or the whole product development measure contingent upon the accessibility of teams and resources.

5 Factors to Consider while Selecting a Product Development Partner

Of late, different online portals help organizations in tracking down their optimal partners. After inspecting the product classification and necessities with inquiries, these portals give potential development partners a rundown. After cautiously considering all aspects like expense, target crowd, and so on, and exploring the entirety of the recorded partners, organizations can undoubtedly discover a development partner who can fulfill their necessities and meet their prerequisites. The following are the five significant things to search for while settling a possible partner.

1. Past Experiences and Accomplishments

One more straightforward approach to realize your partner is by checking their confirmations. Many organizations offer accreditations to their business partners. Maybe then indiscriminately succumbing to commercials and marketing methods, organizations can demand their partner to demonstrate chipping away at projects for comparative customers and the consequence of the result. Moreover, these certificates show the specialized capacities and skills of the development partner.

2. Resource Availability

Product development, as referenced prior, includes a lot of processes and requires skill across different fields like designing, framework design, or marketing. Organizations need to guarantee that the development partner has the perfect tech team with right resources, infrastructure, and talent pool with related knowledge and information in their separate fields to create their product.

3. Communication

Communication assumes a significant part in business tasks. An organization’s significant part is to see whether cooperative energies exist while speaking with the development partner. Organizations need to incorporate every one of the notable individuals like partners, managers, and tech specialists to convey by sharing significant and substantial data. 64% of the organizations guarantee that communication possesses a significant piece of their strategy.

4. Flexibility

As recently referenced, the patterns in the market keep continually changing as far as end-client prerequisites. A potential development partner should work intimately with the organizations to ad-lib the product over the long haul. Organizations need to guarantee that the development partner will offer fundamental services even after conveying the product. It is ideal for getting all such data drafted into an agreement.

5. Collaboration

For a situation where the enterprise chooses to outsource product development to offshore development firms, there will be clear issues identified with time regions and work culture. Before an organization decides to outsource an offshore development partner, it is fundamental to guarantee they can include their musings and focuses into the development interaction and work intimately with their teams. In case the partner’s way of life will work out positively for its work culture. This applies to a wide range of development partners, not only for an offshore partner, paying little heed to their field and topographical area.

Questions to ask yourself before you choose a product development partner

1. Have you shared your vision? What’s more, does the partner comprehend your vision?

The fundamental explanation for the notoriety of IT project failure is the communication gap between the originator and the product development team. Startup prerequisites are exceptionally unique dissimilar to those of undertakings. Originators should impart their vision to the product development partner.

On the off chance that the Founders have shared vision and the specs, a decent product development partner ought to have the option to settle on more astute choices alone instead of asking the Founders.

2. Startup Mindset over Software Development

A startup mindset is where critical thinking for the end client is a need, has the guile to pick a current arrangement instead of wasting time and readiness to flop quickly.

Be that as it may, to make this mindset is quite difficult. One finds the opportunity to cooperate with partners across all verticals like Customer Service, Technology, Sales, Marketing, and so forth, giving them the bigger picture of business bits of knowledge and comprehending the customer’s aggravation.

The bigger picture keeps the team ready to take up unplanned errands like late necessity changes or spec changes as they are lined up with the needs.

3. Values over Processes

Accentuation on programming development processes will assist you with further developing team performance on a steady premise. However, suppose you are looking at esteem expansion as far as advancements, difficult critical thinking, or higher productivity. In that case, you need to check whether your hierarchical values line up with the product development teams.

Zero in on the values which are in like manner to generate collaboration. If there should be a distinction in values, lessen the contact by communicating with the software product partner’s management team. Guarantee that management goes about as a facilitator and not as a block in transit towards the ultimate objective.

One of the basic values you ought to guarantee is possession inside the team. A dedicated team with a feeling of possession for the product can transform the startup author’s fantasy into an effective product. Stickiness inside the team is a decent indicator of the team’s arrangement with your vision and possession.

A few originators attempt to make personal rapport by imparting long-haul and immediate milestones at customary spans. I have seen a couple of originators going to the degree of offering value to the product development team to make stickiness. I have seen that the execution of such a strategy has further developed the standard for dependability and evoked a feeling of possession inside the team. Notwithstanding, know while offering value. It ought not to be absolute as remuneration for less expense. If the values and vision of the organization and product development partner don’t coordinate, then, at that point, value sharing regularly makes more issues.

This may look simpler than said than done. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you remember these three aspects while working with a software development company, your opportunities to maximize ROI on your outsourcing will increment.

In summation

Aside from the previously mentioned factors, organizations additionally need to consider different factors like the overall terms of the agreement, the value they need to pay for the services, levels of readiness, and their reactions to the organization’s inquiries and questions. By examining and choosing the right development partner for custom software development services, an organization will save cost and save a ton of time and exertion during product development.

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Best Tools and Software when Working from Home




Best Tools and Software when Working from Home

The issue of figuring out the best tools and software for when you are working from home is quite extensive and required information for the current times. We shall talk about those tools or software in a while, however, we need to know the prerequisite for working from home i.e. an internet connection.

Spectrum is an internet service provider that provides services in about 42 states across the United States. If you are a Spectrum customer, then you may dial the 24/7 available número de teléfono de spectrum i.e. by placing a call on the Spectrum Customer Service helpline.

Characteristics required in a tool


The SaaS (software as a service) distribution model allowed users to access work-from-home tools via the internet from almost anywhere. Because the majority of today’s remote work solutions are cloud-based, users never have to bother about installation or upkeep. Additionally, remote workers may utilize these technologies on the road by downloading their mobile applications.

Simple to Understand and Apply

The user interfaces of all major work from home programmers are simple to use. A tool with a basic and easy-to-understand UI design is easier for people to utilize.


The most significant element in determining a tool’s usefulness is its price. Top work from home tools ensures that they are not only inexpensive but also do not burn a hole in consumers’ pockets.


One of the essential things required in a tool is effective and by effectiveness means the capability of performing the function.

Best tools and software’s

Here are some of the best software and tools that will help you to do work from help

Proof hub

Without Proof Hub, an all-in-one project management platform, managing numerous remote teams and projects is a nightmare. It can manage a large number of projects at once, and it may be used by remote teams of any size and in any sector. Proof Hub can assist you with nearly every project management function, including managing project tasks, keeping track of labor hours, and generating project reports. It also includes many collaboration features for remote teams, such as built-in chat, file storage, and sharing, and markup tools for proofreading papers, among others, to ensure that their combined efforts pay off.


Wrike is another well-known project management software that can be used by remote teams to streamline project processes. Furthermore, its basic design makes it simple to locate and use its features. Wrike also has a collaborative proofing tool that allows you to mark up images and make comments. It allows remote employees and supervisors to keep up to date on all of a project’s responsibilities and activities.


Trello is one of the most user-friendly project management tools for all sorts of remote teams. To manage a project’s duties, you may create a new board for each project and then add lists and cards to it. It’s also possible to allocate cards to particular team members, which represent duties. Trello is one of the best project management tools. It helps in organizing tasks as well.


Chanty is an AI-powered team chat software that allows you to interact with your remote coworkers in real-time. It is one of the best platforms for messaging and the best part is that it creates and allocate task too. It also has a Team book tool for organizing tasks, chats, files, and even pinned messages.


Working from home can be a little tricky however with the help of the right tool it can be very efficient and easier. Above mention, tools can help you a lot in the purpose. Other than the above-listed tools there are others like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Krisp.

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Top 10 Benefits of Using WordPress For the Website Designing & Development




Top 10 Benefits of Using WordPress For the Website Designing & Development

These days, WordPress website development services are in great demand. Individual website owners, bloggers, start-up companies, established business organizations- all are turning to WordPress. In fact, WordPress- an open source content management system, allows them to have a compelling online presence with low investment & run a profitable business without any fuss. Moreover, WordPress is coupled with unparalleled flexibility, stability, customization, and reliability. Individuals are largely benefited when they use it for website design and development. But how? Let’s find out.

  • Lots of Custom Design Templates for Developers

Website design and development consumes a lot of time if you start it from scratch. Ready-made templates or themes help professional WordPress Developers to create websites easily and quickly. There are lots of free and premium themes available on the WWW. Different themes have different features and are created for different purposes. You can use a ready-made theme, customize it as per the client’s need, fill the content, and create amazing WordPress websites in a few hours.

This increases your work speed and efficiency. You become able to take more web development projects from clients, create error-free websites, and ensure the delivery of ready-to-use sites to business owners. To make an impression in the market as a competent WordPress Developer, you should have the ability to distinguish between good or bad themes and choose the best one for web development projects.

  • Plenty of Plugins

When you create a WordPress website, clients ask you to add different features and functionalities from time-to-time. This is a monotonous task as you have to log into the site, go to the admin page, do a lot of coding work, test the legitimacy of the written code to add a particular feature to the website. The availability of lots of free and premium WordPress plugins makes the website design and development work easier. You just have to download, install and activate the plugin. After successful installation and activation, the plugin starts working as usual. You can easily add new features and functionalities to websites using plugins and finish web development projects quickly.

  • Free! Free! Free!

To be frank, website design and development is an expensive affair. You need to purchase the web development package, premium themes, plugins, firewalls, antivirus, software license, server, domain name, etc. to create and run a website with business perspective in mind. Many individuals relinquish their dream of having a website or blog and earning a healthy income because of increasing investment in website creation and optimization.

WordPress has reduced the website design and development cost up to a great extent. It is available free of cost to all. You can download it from the official website of WordPress & use free themes and plugins to create outstanding WordPress websites easily. When the web-based business booms with time, you may think of purchasing premium themes and plugins to glamorize your website & expand it further if needed.

  • WordPress is SEO-friendly

It is often said that website development & SEO go hand-to-hand. Because of increased competition in the SEO world and strict rules for website optimization, it becomes difficult for web developers & designers to take care of SEO aspects while creating websites. Don’t worry at all! WordPress comes with inbuilt SEO features, making it easier for web developers to create SEO-ready websites. Clean and simple code, automatically created permalinks, unique meta descriptions, SEO-friendly titles, tags and categories, easy creation of XML and HTML sitemaps, etc, all contribute to the creation of SEO-friendly WordPress websites.

  • Multiple Customization Options

Website customization is very important. Web developers customize the overall look & feel of a website, its CTA buttons, different pages/categories, sub-categories, menus, social sharing links, search bar, color combination, navigation path, typography as per the individual needs of clients to make websites that represent the vision of business organisations to customers. Fortunately, WordPress offers multiple customization options. You can use those amenities to beautify WordPress websites and make them stand out of the crowd.

  • WordPress Multisite

Website expansion is a natural process when your business makes rapid progress and the existing site is unable to meet the rapidly increasing expectations of visitors. Many companies don’t have the resources to create a separate website for this purpose. For them, WordPress multisite is the best option. With the help of a competent WordPress Development company, entrepreneurs can easily implement WordPress Multisite on the existing website. It allows them to run multiple WordPress websites from one backend and make more profits without spending any additional income.

  • Regular Updates

It is very important for all website owners to upgrade their sites in order to stay relevant in the web-based business, combat different types of security challenges, and attract more customers every day. Fortunately, from time-to-time, WordPress rolls out several updates to upgrade the CMS, plugins and themes. Generally, such updates are aimed at eliminating the flaws of the previous version of the CMS, plugins and themes and allow website owners to update the site with better features and functionalities.

  • Less Coding Work

Website coding may be irritating work for many individuals. To make any change in a static website, you need to do lots of coding. If something goes wrong with coding practices, your website behaves strongly or may not perform well. Website coding is a no-go zone for individuals who are totally unfamiliar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & PHP. Because of the availability of pre-made themes, plugins, widgets, codes, the amount of manual coding is reduced significantly when you create WordPress websites. It gives great respite to you and contributes to the speedy creation of feature-rich WordPress websites.

  • Advanced Media Library

All of the image content, documents, or other files uploaded to WordPress websites are in a single media library. Developers can easily organize and edit uploaded images conveniently and use them as per individual needs. They can also retrieve media library at any time while editing a particular page. All image and media files inserted into the content are automatically updated.

  • Easy Integration with 3rd Party Software and Applications

While developing websites for different industries, web designer and developers need to integrate WordPress websites with 3rd party software, web-applications, database and extensions. WordPress supports such integrations and facilitates the speedy development of WordPress websites.

Final Words

Because of its salient features and characteristics, WordPress is used globally for the creation of different types of websites, blogs, portals, online shopping platforms. IT companies and best WordPress developers that offer premium WordPress website development services to clients can easily create amazing WordPress sites using its amazing features.

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