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What Are Custom Instagram Filters and Benefits of Their Use



What Are Custom Instagram Filters and Benefits of Their Use

With the advent of AR filters on Instagram, they have become a full-fledged way of promotion, and many brands are looking for fresh AR ideas to declare themselves to a large audience. But what are custom filters on Instagram and why AR filters are so widely used for account promotion?

What Is an AR filter?

Augmented reality filters are 3D and 2D effects, digital objects, and animations applied to a real image of a person or any object through a phone camera in real-time. AR reality filters can change the background, add various objects, change the outlines of the face, the color of the eyes, hair, and much more.

How to Get an AR Filter on Instagram?

Since 2019, Instagram has given users the opportunity to add their own custom Instagram filter on the platform. If you are reading this article, most likely, you are an active user of this social network and know about its almost endless collection of custom filters. But how to get Instagram filters exclusively for your brand? Facebook has the Spark AR Studio app for creation of your own unique filters. This program is available both for PСs for a convenient and detailed design and for smartphones to check how the new filter will look in action. This opened up the opportunity for all users of the social network to implement their AR ideas in life.

Benefits of Using Custom Instagram Filters

Custom Instagram filters have become another unique brand promotion method. Here are some of the benefits that AR filters provide:

· ‘Try Before You Buy’

Many companies create filters with their products, which customers can ‘try on,’ for example,Instagram AR glasses, or see how the new chair will look in the interior of the apartment.

· Company’s page and logo

Some brands create filters with the craziest AR filter ideas and put their logos on them. The brand is counting on the spread of the filter, and therefore, more people find out about the company and its product. In addition, a page that provides the filter is always indicated in the upper left corner of Instagram story.

· AR filter ads

Filter ads are already available on Facebook and will soon be added to Instagram as well. This will allow for further development and promotion of the brand.

· Great love for Instagram stories

More than 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day, and filters have long been an integral part of them.

· 70% more efficient

Recent research shows that AR experience is 70% more memorable. This dilutes the flow of monotonous information in the form of photos and videos, which is why big brands often invest in AR filters.

There is a huge number ofexamples of augmented reality filters, both virtual trying on the product and simply cool and bright filters that are easy to remember and spread quickly. AR filters open up completely new opportunities for brands and are well worth the investment. To get all the benefits of using a filter as an advertisement for a company, it is important to make it very high-quality.

Why Designer AR Filters Are Better?

Many companies turn to professional of AR filters development to create custom filters, but is it really necessary if you can make them yourself using the Spark AR[1]  from Facebook. In addition, AR software studios define the clients’ goals and make the best Instagram filters suitable for them and their businesses offering professionalAR filters software. Since AR filters have become an integral part of brand promotion, you need to make them really high-quality and memorable. Everybody wants to use beautiful and modern filters in their stories. So IG filters developed by professionals can increase UGC, coverage and traffic. When investing in AR filters, invest in the best ones, which would perfectly cope with the promotion of your business.

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A PayPal ban ‘ruined’ Freedom Phone founder’s life for a year




A PayPal ban 'ruined' Freedom Phone founder's life for a year

Erik Finman thought his latest venture was an instant success: the tech entrepreneur’s Freedom Phones raked in $3.5 million in sales in just the first week.

“When I saw the money come in, I’m like ‘oh, I made it,” Finman told Fox News. “This is an American success story.”

“And that’s about where the glorious story ends,” he said.

In July 2021, Finman debuted the Freedom Phone, a device featuring an app store free from censorship and targeted conservative users frustrated with Big Tech’s banning decisions. Then, maybe ironically, his business was slapped with a suspension of its own.

PayPal and other payment processors, they ended up … freezing that money for what was almost a year,” Finman said.


Freedom Phones’ anti-Silicon Valley branding appeal was an instant draw for conservative customers. But the device faced harsh reviews, with critics scrutinizing the Chinese-manufactured phone’s quality and security.

PayPal’s risk and compliance department told Finman that his company’s account was permanently suspended due to a changed or risky business model. The email Finman was sent also said he wouldn’t be able to conduct further business with PayPal and that his company’s funds would be held for up to 180 days before sending another message on how to access the cash. 


Finman told Fox News that PayPal forcibly refunded $800,000 to Freedom Phone customers. The tech company held another $450,000 for nearly a year out of concern for Freedom Phone’s lack of credit history. Finman said that violated PayPal’s pledge in its terms of service not to hold cash for more than six months.

“At PayPal we have a responsibility to keep our customers’ money safe,” a PayPal spokesperson told Fox News in a statement. “We can’t comment on a specific account, but in order to protect customers from fraud or risk, PayPal can place certain limitations on accounts where seller performance indicates a high risk to the company or customer, such as an unusually high number of buyer disputes or refund requests.”

“We appreciate that customers trust us with their hard-earned money and in the event that an item never arrives or arrives significantly different than described, PayPal customers are protected,” the statement continued.

But Finman told Fox News that PayPal’s suspension significantly slowed the company’s ability to make a profit. He said PayPal purposely targeted Freedom Phone due to its dedication to free speech.

“Countless conservative companies get screwed over by these payment processors,” Finman said. 

Critics accused PayPal of targeting conservative-leaning organizations after working with groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2019. PayPal CEO Dan Schulman, meanwhile, has defended his platform for combating hate speech. 

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal director, Corynne McSherry, previously told Fox News that numerous users have claimed PayPal targeted their accounts based on content, though not just conservatives. Her organization, along with other civil liberties groups, sent a letter to PayPal and Venmo in June 2021 urging for clarity behind banning decisions, but they never received a response.


Finman alleged that PayPal and other payment processors targeted him and other users to make money. PayPal’s terms allows it to collect interest on any cash it holds.

“It’s not a bug,” Finman said. “It’s a feature.”

“This is a big fat cash cow,” he continued. “They are making money by not giving you your money.”

Finman sold Freedom Phone in 2022 and has filed a lawsuit against PayPal, Amazon Pay and Shopify for $100 million in damages. He hopes the suit will force Big Tech companies to make their censorship decisions more transparent.


“I don’t think it was ever as good as it was going to be,” Finman told Fox News. “I firmly believe Freedom Phone could have been the next Apple.”

“That died when they froze the money, and that was their intent from the beginning,” he said. 

To hear more from Finman on how PayPal’s banning decision impacted his business, click here. 

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How To Join Appwards




How To Join Appwards

Appwards is an annual mobile app awards ceremony that celebrates and recognizes the best and most innovative apps in the industry. The event is organized by a team of industry experts and recognizes outstanding achievements in various categories, including design, user experience, functionality, and more.

One of the key objectives of Appwards is to showcase the most innovative and creative mobile apps, and to help developers and companies gain recognition for their work. The awards ceremony is an excellent opportunity for developers and companies to gain exposure, build their brand, and connect with other industry professionals.

Appwards is an excellent platform for developers and companies to showcase their best work and gain recognition for their achievements. The awards ceremony is highly respected in the industry and attracts some of the most talented and innovative minds in the mobile app space. Winning an Appwards award is a great way to boost your profile, and to establish yourself as a leader in the industry.

One of the most important aspects of Appwards is the judging process. The awards are judged by a panel of industry experts who have extensive experience in mobile app development, design, and user experience. The judging process is highly rigorous and is based on a set of strict criteria designed to identify the most outstanding and innovative apps.

In addition to the awards ceremony, Appwards also offers a range of events and activities that provide networking opportunities for developers and companies. These events are an excellent way to connect with other professionals in the industry, and to share knowledge and expertise.

At Appwards, we are committed to recognizing and celebrating the best and most innovative mobile apps in the industry. We believe that by showcasing the best work in the industry, we can help to drive innovation and creativity in the mobile app space, and provide a platform for developers and companies to gain recognition for their achievements.

If you are a mobile app developer or company looking to gain recognition for your work, then Appwards is the perfect platform for you. With its rigorous judging process, respected awards ceremony, and excellent networking opportunities, Appwards is the premier event for anyone in the mobile app space.

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Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader is a free and safe service that does not necessitate the use of an Instagram account. View images and videos of individuals who are interested without preserving data.

You might be surprised by this. We are delighted to notify you that our Iganony will be extremely simple to use.

We’re excited to introduce Iganony, a new way to watch and discover short, funny videos on Instagram without needing to sign up. If you like a certain reelyou may store or download it to your phone.

Acting in online videosgives individuals a fresh means of self-expression, helps them find more content on Instagram that they enjoy, and appeals to everyone who wants to be creative. This Iganony is for individuals who prefer not to add their name to the list of moviegoers after viewing a film.

This Iganony platform is suitable for online entertainment, communication, video monitoring, and other purposes. In accordance with the digitalization trend, the growth of mobile devices and tablets is predicted to fuel demand for online video platforms considerably throughout the forecast period.

In accordance with the digitalization trend, the growth of mobile devices and tablets is predicted to fuel demand for online video platforms considerably throughout the forecast period.

You can watch as many reels and storyboards as you like because Iganony does not monitor user views or download history. Iganony is intended to be simple and straightforward, making it ideal for all users. This program is so simple to use that even non-technical users will like it.

You simply need the username of a profile to track it. You may watch Instagram stories anonymously with Iganony. Because Instagram is optimized for tablets and mobile devices, you can access any Instagram account from anywhere. Iganony is a web-based program that can be used from any Internet-connected device, including PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

To use the viewer, you do not need an Instagram account or to have the Instagram app loaded. You only need your Instagram username to view your profile.

Iganony is proud of the hard-working group of professionals that collaborated with us to produce this great accomplishment. Iganony is a video viewing service that allows users to download, view, save, and stream video material via the internet.Smartphones are frequently used to post videos to Instagram platforms.

Finally, the wait to viewInstagram handle to be confirmed is over. You are not required to utilizeyour account. The ability to download photos and clips and keep them on your mobile phone is the most interesting feature of Iganony. You may now stream videos and shots online or download and watch your favourite performances over and again.

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